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D Magazine to Open Falcon Hut at Klyde Warren Park

By Tim Rogers |

Ever since Klyde Warren Park opened with its Dallas Morning News-sponsored reading room, jealousy has fueled my search for a similar D Magazine joint. What could we do at the park that would feel “on brand”? A hookah lounge? No, the park is a no-smoking zone. A firing range? No, we couldn’t get the necessary permits from the city. A cat park, where cats could lick themselves and roam off leash? No, that’s too FD Luxe. On and on it went, hours of brainstorming sessions, and we couldn’t come up with the perfect idea — until now.

Picture a pushcart situation, like the ones at the mall where they sell various beads that can be strung together to make bracelets and necklaces and such, only instead of beads, we’ll have falcons. We’ll probably start with just two or three falcons and see if that number meets the demand, but the pushcart will accommodate up to a dozen falcons. They will perch in the falcon hut, wearing their hoods and bells and jesses, waiting for a park visitor to come along and borrow a gauntlet. The pushcart will be stocked with gauntlets of all sizes so that children and adults alike can easily work with the falcons. Windy Meadows Farm has agreed to provide the live grass-fed gerbils that will be shot high into the air with a t-shirt cannon so that the majestic raptors can swoop down and snatch them with their sharp talons as lunchtime park-goers cheer with delight.

That’s the plan, anyway. There are still a few bugs to work out, but look for the D Magazine falcon hut this spring in Klyde Warren Park.