City’s Psychologist-in-Chief Blames Talk Radio for Family Violence

It’s missing from this morning’s account in the Dallas Morning News. But addressing the issue of domestic violence yesterday, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings placed the blame for the problem partially on talk radio.

Yup, Mr. Mayor, there’s no doubt that after listening to the Rush, Michael Medved and Laura Ingraham shows, guys just can’t wait to get home and start knockin’ people around. Instead of playing Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, maybe Hizzoner ought to stick to pothole repair and recycling schedules.


  • Avid Reader

    So that’s how to explain Dwaine Caraway’s issues.

  • billholston

    In fairness Glenn, the whole quote is:
    “This violence is our fault. It’s not the women’s fault,’ he said. “We have been the violent gender over the centuries, and we must own up to it. Tradition has enabled the action we see around us, and we’ve created those traditions. The culture of male violence has only been perpetuated by locker room talk, radio talk shows, video games, how fathers talk to sons, and our inability to deal with anger living deep inside.”

    I don’t listen to any radio talks shows, so I can’t comment one way or the other about whether it does add to this. I do commend the mayor for speaking out against domestic violence, which is a huge issue.

  • vseslav botkin


  • Dubious Brother

    I am surprised that an elected politician would talk about something that he has no clue about. Domestic violence is initiated by men and women at about equal rates. The most dangerous scenario is when both are into the violence. Women end up getting the worst of it about 2/3 of the time probably because of size. When the police are called and required to arrest one of the two, the male is arrested over 90% of the time despite the circumstances leading to or caused by the public perception that it is a mans problem. Interesting, the couple most likely to have domestic violence of the 3 options are two lesbians.

    • Eric Celeste

      In 2011, The Family Place turned away 700 women because their beds were full. None of those staying there were men, and none of those turned away were men. IJS.

  • mynameisbill

    If you or a loved one have been listening to Rush/Glenn Beck and are now experiencing lightheadedness, drop in cognitive functions, purchasing designer jeans that are supposed to hearken one back to the late 1700’s or are just like “What in the effin’ in all that is holy….did I just hear!”……help is a short call away! Dial 1(800) IWANTMYSANITYBACK and a trained professional will be standing by on the other end with the help your poor soul is in dire need of. Godbless and please turn the station nob to something musical instead(might I suggest Jazz), mynameisbill 🙂

  • Framton Nuttel

    He might actually have a point on the talk-radio thing. Every time I hear the Ticket take Cowboy callers, my propensity for violence increases exponentially.