Central Track Beats D Magazine, Dallas Observer, Dallas Morning News At Something You Couldn’t Possibly Care About

Pete Freedman, the co-founder and editor of the semi-side-scrolling culture site Central Track, is officially the fantasy king of Dallas media. He is the fantasy champion. As you may recall (but probably don’t), 2011 was the year of the FINGERGUNZ, the year Zac Crain, jack of all trades, master of most, was the fantasy champion. In 2012, however, Zac didn’t get Drew Brees, Calvin Johnson, and Arian Foster on his team, and he finished 10th in a 12-team fantasy league that included representatives of D Magazine, the Dallas Observer, the Dallas Morning News, Texas Monthly, WFAA, and, yes, Pete Freedman from Central Track.

Freedman’s team (name: Big D(eez Nuts)) edged out Brad’s team (name: Taste DwayneBowe) in the finals, which is why Brad probably hasn’t posted about it yet. (Also, because it’s silly and as the headline says, you don’t care.) For the record, my team (name: The Bill Fongs) knocked off Observer editor Joe Tone’s team (The Cage Liners) to finish third.


  • Pete Freedman


  • Ryan Burris

    Taste D wayne Bowe… GENIUS!