Brek Shea May Be Headed to the Premiership

It’s not a done deal obviously, but after a disappointing 2012 season even a hint of the Premier League has to be a good sign for the mercurial winger.


  • Randy McCluer

    Would love for this to be Liverpool, but it’s probably QPR or some other hellhole.

    • SybilsBeaver

      he could be the saving grace for QPR, besides he’d ride pine er Recaro at the ‘Pool or any big club, so some relegation level squad would get him at least 60 minutes every week

  • walkoff2

    According to the latest from Taylor Twellman, the team in question is Stoke.

    • David Forsyth

      who recently beat Liverpool 3-1 I am a Stoke City season ticket holder by the way