Ben Fountain, Author of End of Half to the Soldier Billy Lynn, Gives the French a Tour of Dallas

You’ll excuse my use of Google Translate in the above headline, but I think it’s a pretty accurate translation of Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. Anyway. Le Monde asked Ben Fountain to give those Frenchies a tour of his Dallas, on the occasion of Billy Lynn‘s publication in France. He took them to the Old Monk, the Kessler, and Fair Park, among other places. D Magazine world headquarters makes an appearance in slide eight, which I’m positive is because of this.


  • billholston

    well done Ben! you showed them the best of Dallas. I favor Goodfriend over the Monk, but the Monk is great. If I was showing someone around Dallas, I might also add the newly opened Craft and Growler, and maybe a gallery over in Design District or Cedars. Dinner, hmm, maybe Mesa on Jefferson. Or Nova, since it’s close to Kessler.

    • Anonymous

      Gosh, I love Mesa! But everyone forgets about it too easily. If you’re touring Bishop Arts or showing off The Kessler (or, for that matter, Kessler Park,– the prettiest neighborhood in town), don’t forget Mesa!