AT&T Cotton Bowl the ‘Prohibitive Favorite’ to Host the 2015 National Championship Game

Maybe you shouldn’t sell those personal seat licenses just yet. ESPN is reporting that the AT&T Cotton Bowl is the ‘prohibitive favorite’ to host the BCS National Championship game in 2015, the first year of the BCS’s new playoff format. One assumes this means the game will be held at Cowboys Stadium, which makes sense: domed, central location, etc. The weather might not hold up, but, really, what are the chances a winter storm will hit Arlington before a major sporting event?


  • JR75034

    That is great news. Hopefully the Cotton Bowl organization will run the event and not the Super Bowl Committee that ran the fiasco two years ago. Bill Lively was great in attracting corporate sponsors and the game was a financial success even with a surplus left over. Unfortunately Lively had nothing to do with game day operations which were a disaster with long lines and mass confusion. The woman who was in charge evidently wigged out that day when it all went south. Therefore a big event like the championship game will hopefully be operated by the first class Cotton Bowl Organization.

  • NotaHater

    This is good news for the area and for Jerry Jones.

    It must piss you off then, Bradford.

    • BradfordPearson

      Um, no? It doesn’t?

  • nickp

    According to espn 2014 the 1st round is the rose & sugar with the title game at jerrys world