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At Least 30 People Have Been Shot and Killed in Texas Since Newtown, Including Two 13-Year-Olds

Source: Slate

There are bleak jobs: coroner, executioner, middle-school janitor. Then there is the work being done by the person who runs the Twitter handle @gundeaths, which attempts to chronicle and archive every gun death in America. An anonymous soul, @gundeaths scours the news wires, then posts articles about each death. The handle’s mantra: “Tweeting every gun death in North America regardless of cause and without comment. Help us tell the story behind the statistics.”

In similar fashion:

Since Dec. 14, the day of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, at least 440 people have been killed by guns in the United States, through Jan. 1. Of those, 30 were killed in the state of Texas, and six in the city of Dallas. Of those killed in Texas, one was a 13-year-old in Houston, and another was a 13-year-old in Lamar County. The Houston girl – Dekalah Jones – was shot by her mother’s ex-boyfriend, while the Lamar County boy was killed by a 9-year-old, who tripped and fell while hunting, discharging his .22 rifle.

You can pull the raw data from @gundeaths here. Oh, and Dallas’ murder rate ticked back up in 2012.

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