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Arizona Man Launches ‘Take Alex Jones’ Guns Away’ Petition

By Bradford Pearson |

The full text, from the White House’s “We The People” petition site:

Alex Jones’ gun obsessed tirades on national TV and the internet have drawn grave concerns about his mental wellbeing. It’s apparent from his conspiracy driven rants that he may be mentally unstable and potentially poses a risk to himself or others. In short, Mr. Jones appears to be a ticking time bomb and he may literally “blow” at any moment. At the same time, however, Mr. Jones has unwittingly made himself the poster child of what effective gun safety reform should look like. The common denominator to these massacres is mental illness. Regulating the type of gun or capacity of the magazine won’t change or do anything to prevent mentally ill people from harming themselves or others. If someone wants to own a gun, then they, like Mr. Jones, should have to pass a mental health exam.

This petition thing has got to stop. I just wish there was a way to end it all.