Will Mr. Ranger, Michael Young, Accept a Trade to the Philadelphia Phillies, Ctd.

Not long ago a Twitter account belonging to @Evan_P_Grant_  tweeted that Michael Young has rejected the trade to the Philadelphia Phillies.  I, and many other people following the story today (including MLB Network), believed this was a legitimate report from Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News. 

What we failed to note was that extra _ in the handle. Evan Grant’s actual Twitter account is @Evan_P_Grant and the Michael Young report was simply made up by somebody bored today. (Looks like Twitter has already deleted the fake account.)  But before most people realized what was going on, upset Phillies fans were reacting to the (fake) news.

Take the jump to see what some of them had to say. Warning: Adult Language:


  • Joe Cougar

    Not all Phillies fans have ridiculous over reactions (some do, I know). But Dallas has it’s share, as well as any other major city. I’m a Phillies fan and hoping Young accepts the deal. If he doesn’t then the Phils need to look for their answer elsewhere. I think that it is funny that somehow you right a negative 6 sentence “article” followed by copy and pasted tweets from who knows what kind of background of people and consider yourself a writer. Miraculously, you ended up on the top of my Google search on if Michael Young will accept or decline the trade. I have no background on you but if you indeed DO have a journalism degree, I bet it is thoroughly trying to ignite itself. #jobnotdone (hashtag for you)

  • Phylan

    Hi, just want to point out that at no point did I believe the fake Grant account was real, I was just incidentally commenting on what a bonehead the real Evan Grant is