WFAA Gets Everyone’s Hopes Up, Says We Might Have a White Christmas

From Steve McCauley’s Facebook page:

And here is the latest weather guess for Christmas Day. Our “little” upper-air disturbance in Alaska has rapidly intensified over the last 24 hours and will soon make that hard right-hand turn toward the US West Coast. All data continue to suggest this will evolve into a MAJOR winter storm next week. The main difference in the data is WHEN. Does it hit Christmas Day or the Day AFTER?!?

Somewhat surprisingly, there has not been much change in the expected outlook. The data tend to support the notion that the track of this storm will pass just north of DFW on Christmas Day, perhaps not long after sundown (although the timing on this is really still up in the air). And as you know, the area to the north of the track gets the heaviest precipitation, so it still appears that Oklahoma will take the brunt of the storm.

I should mention, however, that some data take the storm track south of DFW the day after Christmas which would make things more problematic for our area, but that solution does not look as likely at this time.

As always, stay tuned, because this is still a week away. If the projected path of the storm is off by just 10 miles today, it could be over a hundred miles off by next Tuesday! That would have an ENORMOUS impact on where we ultimately draw the rain/snow line.

Also, timing is critical. If this holds off for 24 hours and hits the day AFTER Christmas, most of the precip would fall as soaking rain!

Delkus’ response:

Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse, White Death!?

It looks like major changes are possible as we head toward Christmas Day next week. Stay tuned!

Gotta love the enthusiasm.


  • SybilsBeaver

    McCauley is very good at nailing these things, and while he wont forecast snow yet, when he starts seeing these models give weird runs he is really good at putting his neck out there first when he believes. One thing I do know is based on his info, Im going to be hammered by a winter storm when I head to KC for christmas