Watch DMX Rap ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’

Earlier today, Peter posted about DMX, the Dallas Museum of Art’s new cultural exchange program. Cliffs Notes:

…as part of the agreement to return the Orpheus mosaic, Turkey and the DMA announced the establishment of a new collaboration that will promote the loaning of art and the sharing of expertise in conservation, exhibitions, education, and new media. That agreement marks the first formal collaboration in the DMA’s new DMX program, which will seek partnerships between the Dallas museum and international cultural institutions.

This worked out really well for me, since I had just asked Peter and Zac, “Does DMX have any connection to Dallas?” I, of course, meant Earl Simmons, the Yonkers rapper known better as DMX. Anyway, to get yourselves in the holiday spirit, watch the above video. It’s surprisingly safe for work, which is probably the only time that expression will ever apply to DMX (the rapper).


  • mynameisbill

    DMX, always bringing the fire!