Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Dec. 20

Images by Tyler Sharp, Chris Titze, Austin Mann & JerSean Golatt

I agree with these cranky people on Twitter that Brad dug up. I do not like wind, either, especially when it knocks out my power for hours and there’s no hot water and more importantly, no coffee. This day is already one and a half cups behind.

As Christmas continues to creep, this is the last evening for adults to take a spin through the Neiman Marcus crawl tubes. I admire the beautiful holiday window display every year, wishing I could jump in there. As other people on this blog have noted, I’m only just barely over most height requirements, so you’d think there could be an exception. But no. This year, though, thanks to the North Texas Food Bank, adults have been able to join the fun on the designated Thursdays for a $20 donation. Crawl through the winter wonderland, then enjoy a complimentary hot beverage at the Neiman Marcus espresso bar.

For more inner warmth, I would assume that someone behind the bar at The Chesterfield is more than capable of whipping you up a glass of something seasonal.

In the Design District, the one-year-old creative workspace Weld celebrates the occasion with a retrospective of work from its member artists. The group exhibition is curated by former National Geographic photo editor Sabine Meyer, and among the more than 70 pieces on display you’ll find everything from photography to fine art to film. The show is free, but RSVP if you get a chance. I’ve been trying to get better at this whole photography thing myself (AKA conning an infinitely more talented friend into showing me how to work my camera),  so it’d probably be a good idea to check out some examples from people whose abilities I’ll never come close to matching.

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