Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Dec. 18

Cute or scary, naughty or nice….

Last night I said goodbye to Gossip Girl, and a good many years/hours of my life. I will miss it, sort of, but mostly just Kristen Bell’s voice at the beginning of every episode. Someone give that girl a real job (okay, fine, after the baby) on a show that actually has potential. Better yet, where’s my Veronica Mars movie? All I want for Christmas is the impossible.

A few weeks ago, I got an email offering me the chance to participate in some acrobatic-y circus acts as promotion for the AT&T Performing Arts Center’s seasonally appropriate yet misspelled hallucination, Cirque Dreams Holidaze, that coincidentally opens today. I thought, this could be fun. And then I thought it’d be even more fun if the person who actually sprained an ankle participated wasn’t me, but Mr. Weinermobile himself. Stay tuned for that.

Regardless, as I said, this holiday show does open at the Winspear tonight with high-flying (and professional) acrobats dressed up as gingerbread men and toy soldiers. And the good news is, the Arts District restaurants are actually open on days that are not Monday, because why anyone would want to get a drink or have dinner in the Arts District on a Monday is beyond me. I know, I know. There’s always Jorge’s. I’m just a little cranky today. Split the mussels and frites at Café des Artistes, or try out nearby Sakhuu, a new Thai place on Bryan Street I’ve been dying to visit.

Meanwhile, the Angelika Dallas starts a series of holiday movie screenings this evening with Gremlins, and then they’ll alternate “naughty” (not that naughty) and “nice” movies ending with It’s A Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve. Tickets are just six bucks. Anyway, Gremlins is definitely my favorite movie that I wasn’t supposed to watch when I was a kid that I managed to watch anyway. Thanks, older brother. Here’s a hilarious blog post from some guy in Atlanta, who takes issue with this whole “don’t feed the cute gremlin after midnight” rule:

So here is where things get tricky. What time zone does midnight relate to? EST, MST, PST; maybe even somewhere over in Europe. And don’t tell me it is just based on where they reside at the time because that is just ludicrous. Biologically speaking how would their bodies know whether they are in England, China, or Canada? Also, when does “after midnight” end? Technically, any time the next day is after midnight. So is it midnight to sun up?

Food for thought, certainly.

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