The Cowboys Are America’s Team, and America’s Most-Hated Team. Sort-of a Harvey Dent Situation.

Public Policy Polling just released its annual NFL poll, and it determined what most people already know: a lot of people love the Cowboys, and just as many people hate them.

There’s still no contest when it comes to the country’s most hated NFL team. 18% pick the Cowboys to 11% for the Bears, 10% for the Patriots, 8% for the Broncos, 7% for the Steelers, 5% for the Redskins, and 4% each for the Packers, Giants, and Saints. Hating the Cowboys is one of the rare things that can bring Americans together across party lines- Democrats, Republicans, and independents all say that they’re their less favorite franchise.

The Cowboys and Packers tied for the title of America’s favorite team, with 12 percent of respondents picking each franchise. The difference is the amount of folks who hate the Cowboys:

32% of voters have a favorable opinion of the Cowboys to 37% with a negative opinion, numbers that pale in comparison to the Packers’ 55/15 favorability spread. When asked who they would root for in a head to head between the Cowboys and Packers, 50% say the Packers to 27% for the Cowboys. Whether the Cowboys still really deserve the ‘America’s Team’ label is an open question.

The New York Jets are nowhere to be found on the survey, because they are a franchise full of quitters, complainers, and people who can’t do their jobs. Our two “top” quarterbacks include one man who is very good at being handsome and another man who is very good at praying. Neither are very good at being a quarterback. Rant: over.

The full, surprisingly thorough, 28-page report can be found here.


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    McElroy for the win.