The 10 Most Popular D Magazine Blog Posts of 2012

Can you imagine where you’d be today without blogs? Sure, you might be 5 or 10% more productive at work, but then the world would have been denied that brilliant double entendre you got into a comment on the latest FrontBurner post about the will-they-or-won’t-they, passive-aggressive fight between the Nasher Sculpture Center and Museum Tower.

Yep, everybody got a good chuckle from your outlandish suggestion of just what the tower could do with the Nasher’s “Walking to the Sky,” where they could put it, so to speak. See, it was funny because when isn’t the anthropomorphizing of inanimate objects funny? Which reminds you, pretty sure Clint Eastwood is a FrontBurnervian; bastard clearly stole some of your material for the open-mic night at the Republican National Convention.

Anyway, here are the 10 most popular blog posts of 2012 from Not sure if any of your comments are still on these posts. If not, it’s probably because Tim or Brad deleted them. Bastards.

10. Woman Kicked Out of Legoland For Racy Tat (FrontBurner)

In which Tim Rogers both criticizes a woman who was asked to leave Legoland at the Grapevine Mills mall because of a tattoo on her leg that depicts Tinkerbell using a light switch as a sex toy, and reminds the world of his own questionable choice in permanent body art.

So what’s it like to kinda-sorta be Zac Efron? Many readers wanted to know, apparently.

9. Being Zac Efron: An On-Set Liberal Arts Body Double Speaks (FrontRow)

Former FrontRow intern, and Dallas native, Will Arbery shares the story of working on the set of the small film Liberal Arts, made in and around the campus of Kenyon College in Ohio, at which he was still a student at the time. Yes, he got to stand in for actor Zac Efron. But mostly he was involved in the casting of extras, and he learned a bit about the practicalities of a working film set…something about the need to “be love.”

8. Courtney Kerr Gets Her Own Show on Bravo (FrontBurner)

One of the stars of 2011’s Most Eligible Dallas series on Bravo, and one of our 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas of 2012, Courtney Kerr was chosen to have her own life documented for television, in a show that should hit the cable network next year. Tim’s post about the news was rooting for plenty of unintentional sexual innuendo when Courtney Loves Dallas airs.

Courtney Kerr strikes a pose. Photo by Bode Helm.

7. “Free Ryan Romo” Page Hits Facebook (FrontBurner)

In the aftermath of the arrest of a Highland Park High School student for allegedly raping a girl in the backseat of his automobile in October, there were debates among those coming to the young man’s defense and those who felt the victim was herself to blame. In this post, Bradford Pearson pointed out a Facebook group that had been set up on behalf of the accused rapist, and the discussion became even more heated in the comments.

6. Dallas Recap, Episode 1: Changing of the Guard (FrontRow)

The series that has (for better and worse) defined Dallas to much of the rest of the world made a successful return to television in the summer, and we turned to former Jeopardy! champion (and Dallas fanatic) Terry Linwood to recap every episode.

R.I.P., Larry Hagman

5. SEAL’s “Deadliest Sniper,” Chris Kyle, Punched Out Jesse Ventura (FrontBurner)

Tim mentioned that he’d heard former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle tell an anecdote on the radio the day before. It was the notable story of the time Kyle had a run-in with the former governor of Minnesota (and professional wrestler), Jesse Ventura. In response to this post, super-fans of the man formerly known as “The Body,” rushed in to cry foul in our comments.

4. A Post About Tammy Dombeck So That I Can Post This Picture Again (FrontBurner)

Tim was happy for an excuse to post an old photo of the former NBC 5 traffic reporter. Still not sure why.

3. Josh Hamilton Sex Tape? (FrontBurner)

Could there be a video floating around that features the Texas Rangers’ star outfielder in flagrante delicto? Maybe, but considering we didn’t hear much more about this after the rumors were flying in February, probably not.

Why can’t you look away? Why?

2. Big Rich Texas (FrontRow)

Oh, Big Rich Texas, our readers wish they knew how to quit you, but they just can’t. Whether it’s the recaps of the Style Network series’ latest episodes, an investigation into whether a cast member lied about appearing in the Miss Texas pageant, or news about another cast member’s arrest, they just couldn’t get enough. Why must you torture their sensitive souls so?

1. Once and For All: Did Craig James Kill Five Hookers at SMU? (FrontBurner)

The best of all possible Craig James worlds?

The rumors had persisted for too long. It was bound to happen, given that then-U.S. Senate candidate Craig James wouldn’t just come out and flatly deny that he had anything at all to do with five hookers being killed during his time as a college football star at SMU. So Tim decided to get to the bottom of it. He called James’ spokeswoman in Austin to discuss this and other possible (if not probable) misdeeds, such as his deep and abiding fondness for dining on panda steaks. Thanks to Tim’s efforts, we can absolutely confirm that there’s no way CRAIG JAMES KILLED FIVE HOOKERS AT SMU. He was clearly the victim of pranksters who’d like us to believe the notion that CRAIG JAMES KILLED FIVE HOOKERS AT SMU has any basis in reality. Rest assured that if similar rumors persist, we will be there to get to the bottom of them. We are, after all, the internet’s No. 1 source of CRAIG JAMES KILLED FIVE HOOKERS AT SMU news. If it were true that CRAIG JAMES KILLED FIVE HOOKERS AT SMU, we would know.


  • Dirk D. Dazzler

    Most popular is one thing, most important is another. Any chance yall will publish the latter? And, if so, is the interview with me about renaming The Park @ Dallas Common number 1, 2, or 3? Danke

  • Hamster

    I’d love to know the most popular blog post that was deleted in 2007 because of potential civil and definite criminal legal issues.

  • Hamster

    Oh, so the 2007 blog post in question is still a touchy subject?