Texas Land Commissioner: Schools Should Have Armed Officers

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting today in Connecticut, Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson spoke out about gun violence, particularly a way he believes it can be curbed.

From the Chronicle:

“The common denominator for the school shootings in Aurora, Columbine and Virginia Tech is that we have a target-rich environment,” said Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson. “You have a shooter that is completely free to go about his sick fantasy. We need to do what it takes to change that.”

One game changer, Patterson said, would be to arm more police officers, security guards and responsible citizens on campuses to confront a mass shooter.

“Had there been (armed security guard and citizens) in Colorado, at Virginia Tech or now in Connecticut – someone that could have changed the dynamic and to do so by having a firearm – there would be fewer lives lost.”

I’m just gonna leave this here; I’m sure someone will have something to say.


  • gimmethewooby

    Restoring state funding for mental health services could prevent people from reaching schools and similar environments. More weapons only leads to more accidents.

  • bob

    Let’s see Jerry, were there “fewer lives lost” in the wild, wild west in days ago when men packed sidearms?

    no Jerry, there weren’t. There was more violence, more shooting, more deaths from the violence.

    the answer is NOT more people having more firearms…although I would agree that having additional security presence may be a good deterrent.

  • a2z

    Better yet, let’s skip the middleman and just arm the little children, and teach them to kill.

    Where do all these morons come from?

  • sadteacher


  • ECF

    “Target rich environment?” Is he insane?

  • HChinasky

    Unfortunately, any location with human interaction is a “target rich environment..” The reactionary mindset of arming every Starbucks barista, DART bus driver, Highland Park crossing guard, and concert venue guitar tech appears misguided. Deciding who to arm in order to enable the postmortem protection of an area does not stop an outcome, or prevent a future event. Will common sense ever look to prevent armed insanity, instead of armed insanity preventing common sense?

  • Harvey Lacey

    The most obvious thing besides the fatalities is that this all started with a well armed home owner. Nancy Lanza owned at least four handguns and an assault rifle. She was the first line of defense for all those children that died.

    If we are going to do the ifs and buts thing then we need to examine why the NRA’s answer appears to the be the source of this catastrophe.

  • Dubious Brother

    There is the mall shooter in Oregon who killed himself after killling 2 people reportedly because he saw that someone with a license to carry was stalking him and was ready to take him out.

  • Neal

    Congratulations on slipping in the “buy purchase viagra” link. Is this some new super-high tech subliminal advertising scheme?

    Anyway. So what’s the problem with installing an armed guard inside schools? The “no more guns” response is just nonsense. An armed security guard or off-duty cop is not the same thing as a teacher with a handgun in the desk drawer.

  • Kim Serrahn

    I see Collateral damage with that one.

  • gimmethewooby

    Because we want to send our kids to schools, not prisons.

  • Harvey Lacey

    DB, you really need to broaden your media choices. LOL Someone with body armor and an assault rifle intimidated by an armed and licensed wannabeahero could only come from the limited imagination of a true conservative.

  • Neal

    I just don’t think jewelry stores and banks should have more security than elementary schools, that’s all. And I don’t feel like a prisoner when I walk into those places, do you?

    Again, I’m talking about trained security guards or off-duty police officers, not teachers with guns in their drawers which is an idiotic idea.