Texas A&M Fan Plans Childbirth for 12-12-12, Takes ‘Twelfth Man’ Thing Way Too Far

Photo: Medical City Dallas

Email from Medical City Dallas:

“Beth Evans is delivering her son, Palmer Chad Evans, today. She was due on December 13, but asked her obstetrician to deliver on Dec. 12, to enjoy the good luck of the day and connection with their favorite team, the Aggies. The whole family is made up of passionate Aggies, and they are excited to welcome their ‘twelfth man’ on 12-12-12. They have all dressed in Aggie shirts for the occasion, including the new baby’s two sisters.”

This is….disturbing? Passionate? Ludicrous? Exciting? I don’t know I’m so confused someone please help me. Follow-up:

“Beth is in labor right now. We anticipate Palmer being ready for video and still photography at 4 p.m.. The Evans family has agreed to a short media availability at that time.”

Gig ’em?


  • MCC

    From the outside looking in, you grimace and shake your head. From the inside looking out…here, just chug some more maroon kool-aid. Happy birthday Johnnyheismanfootball WHOOP! Evans.

  • Tim Rogers

    Only one way to view this: pure awesomeness. For the rest of his life, this human will have YouTube video of himself on television from the day he was born.

    What I don’t get is why she named him Palmer. You go this far and you don’t name the kid Reveille? Missed opportunity.

  • CVB

    I hope your kid grows up and goes to UT….

    • Zac Crain

      Me, too. Because it’s awesome. Hook ’em.

  • Jessica

    Aggies are WEIRD.

  • Melissa Evans

    This is passion and loyalty, not for a money-grubbing public school, but for an extended family and a rich history. A tradition for one person, where might seem ridiculous to another, doesn’t make it any less auspicious for the first. I don’t see it any different than the mass wedding in many Buddhist temples on 09-09-09 or even parents inducing to have their baby before some big event or date. And yes, GIG ‘EM!

  • Matt

    This is disturbing and I’m an Aggie.

  • Anon

    This is why when I tell people that I went to A&M I immediately follow with “but don’t worry I’m not a weird Aggie.”

  • Amberly Washington

    Oh, please. There are lots of people across the country doing this. They just happen to be Aggies, and why not celebrate that. Let this little guy come into the world surrounded by positivity.

  • Mr. Me

    Naming the kid “Palmer?” As soon as he’s old enough to be punched in the face, someone’s going to punch him in the face. Palmer. Sheesh.

    Also, speaking as an Aggie, these people are doing the already precarious Aggie reputation no good at all.

  • Lucy Lombard

    I think people should wait and let babies come naturally. Enough with this induction and elective c-section nonsense. Babies should come when they are ready not because you think having him born on a certain day will make his birthday so much cooler. History or no history

  • Donna Bostick

    This is how Aggie fans do football!! Gig Em Aggies!! Way to go Beth! Can’t wait to meet the little guy at Christmas!! I love my family! We are all craazzzzzy!

  • Tina Castellanos

    This is risking the life of mother and baby for something that at the end of the day really doesn’t matter. It’s so sad and I pray that her baby is born safe and sound and secretly I pray he is born at 12:01am on the 13th.

  • wreckem

    how do people think this is weird? If i was due on dec 13, I would also prefer to have the baby on 12/12/12 it’s ONE day! And they already have aggie clothes to wear, so what? I’m ok with it as long as they didn’t name the child something pertaining to A&M. now THAT would be weird!

  • Threeboys

    Is it a school of a cult?

  • Janice Drake

    The name is Palmer because Chris and Beth are both avid and great golfers!! Got married on a hill overlooking a golfcourse. The middle name is Chad, also very special, that was the name of Christopher’s brother who died as an infant. A strong and wonderful family I am proud to call friends. Christopher also won a car on the Price is Right back in High School when his mother got tickets for students in Calif. participating in National Business Professionals of America competition!!!!

  • Janice Drake

    The name is Palmer because Christopher and Beth are avid and excellent golfers! Chad is so very special as that was the name of Christopher’s brother who died in infancy. The family is so strong and good people and I am so proud they are my friends. Christopher also won a car on The Price is Right back in high school when his Mom got tickets to the show for students participating in the national Business Professionals of American competition! That was fun too!!!

    • dottysmom

      I say awesome! Aggies are special and this is something really cool for the family. It is only one day and I’m sure the doctor wouldn’t have agreed if it wasn’t safe.

  • Emily Bruno

    Wow. I hope this doctor loses his accreditation with ACOG because inducing labor without a clear medical indication is actually against their policies. I also hope the hospital review board takes away his privileges. And I hope this case is brought up on grand rounds as an example of how NOT to do things.