Rick Perry Strategist Blames Candidate’s Back Pain For Poor Showing in Presidential Race, Not His Inability to Speak in Complete Sentences

The Governor and a pal, presumably pre-back pain. Source: Ed Schipul

We’ve had some fun with Rick Perry in this space for the past year. Finger guns, real guns, gosh, probably even water guns. Too much fun. GUN FUN. Well, it turns out all that fun may have been at the expense of the governor’s health, so I can’t decide: more funny or less funny?

From the Washington Post:

Perry underwent back surgery in July 2011; [longtime Perry strategist Dave] Carney said that the governor was told it would only take two weeks to recover. Instead, it took four months. The governor announced his campaign in August to great fanfare, but ended his campaign in January after a series of lackluster debate performances.

“The whole campaign was built on a very aggressive, arduous schedule of travel in order to make up for lost time,” Carney explained. The pain made it hard for the governor to sleep, “more difficult to study, more difficult to be comfortable.” However, he said painkillers did not play into Perry’s debate missteps, as some have speculated.

In addition, seemingly out of nowhere:

“It’s just a fact, it’s not an excuse,” the strategist added. “We passed tort reform in Texas, so we can’t actually sue the doctors for what they told him.”

They’re totally gonna sue some doctors.


  • Harvey Lacey

    Makes perfect sense to me, ass bone is tied to the mouthbone and all that.

  • Lee

    That and the fact that he is dumb as a post.

  • Karmasabeeotch

    How happy would it make me if tort reform screwed Governor Hairdo? Or even just inconvenienced him a bit? There are no words big enough. All politicians involved with tort reform should be mangled by an inept doctor, then left deformed, in pain and broke with no recourse.