Rick Perry Sends Condolences to Victims of Sandy Hook Shooting, Condolences That Don’t Mention Guns Thankfully

From Perry’s press office:

“The horrific event that transpired at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut is as profoundly disturbing as it is impossible to fully understand. The fact that so many victims were children weighs heavily upon the hearts and souls of each Texan and every American. Anita and I send our personal condolences to everyone touched by this senseless tragedy, pray for the quick healing of those injured, and extend our hopes that time will help ease the suffering of those who lost loved ones.”

I kept waiting for Second Amendment Rick to come out, but he didn’t. Good for him.


  • gimmethewooby

    Just want to know if he will direct the Legislature to restore funds cut in previous sessions for mental health services in Texas. Already know the answer, but still want the question asked. Repeatedly.

  • Anonymous

    If the teacher in that classroom had a gun the death toll would have been dramatically less.

    • Harvey Lacey

      If the mother, she had at least four handguns and an assault rifle as recommended by the NRA, had been a responsible gun owner there would be no casualties.

    • Brett Moore

      Of course you can’t possibly know that, and your supposition doesn’t make it true.

      Just as easily, if the teacher had a gun (a handgun, up against the semi-auto rifle, natch), maybe she takes a shot at him and misses, killing another kid. Maybe it fuels his rage, and instead of ending the way things did, he goes class to class murdering even more children.

      My scenario is just as hypothetically possible as yours, maybe even more so, since yours assumes that putting a handgun into the hands of a kindergarten teacher turns her into Dirty Harry.

      Stupid pointless drivel.

  • Brendan

    If the teacher/mother hadn’t been such an inveterate gun nut herself. She’d probably be alive and so would all those kids

  • Peterk

    unlike the various Democratic politicians such as Barbara Boxer, or NY representative Nadler who called for more stricter gun legislation. even the President took the time in his speech to talk about taking meaningful action. but much easier to take an unneeded pot shot at Perry

  • Peterk

    and if the son had been institutionalized they would all be alive.

  • jan

    please let me send my condolances to all efected. I am a mom and grandmother,and I am greaving for thease children. To all the mothers take my love and spred it over yourself. From Saranac NY