On KTXD, Troy Dungan Gets To Work Blue

This morning, the experiment began. I popped over to explain on The Texas Daily how our new partnership with KTXD will work. Joining me and host Jeff Brady were Troy Dungan and Tracy Rowlett. For my money, Troy had the best line. If this is the way they do business over there, I think this marriage will be a long and happy one.


  • gpaul

    sounds like we are about to see the return of Jane McGarry…..

  • Lew Patton

    Oh God, bad enough to have to skirt around Tim in his tuxedos in print, I’ll have to keep the remote handy to the TV now….

    • Bruce

      Cmon Lew. I can see a perfect half hour show with Raya detailing the creation of the new tuxedo that Zac has purchased for Tim.

  • Stephan

    1. Barrett wants his jacket back.
    2. “Retread Daily”
    3. I can’t wait to see Scott’s anchor teeth and awesome 1983 anchor hair.

  • Jim Schutze

    The name, “D Living,” is racist.

  • Bizarro Big Tex

    Jane does a wine segment on D Living! Genius!

  • Joy

    Bring back Iola Johnson! Grew up with that team and Verne Lundquist.

  • Tim Rogers

    Jim, I don’t get your joke, and I don’t get your uses of commas.

  • Sarah Hepola

    I need people in this comments threat to talk about the issues that matter here. Where is Troy Dungan buying his vibrators, and what would a “metroplex” do, exactly? I have a Dallas-themed vibrator, but it’s called the “mixmaster.”

  • JSSS

    Is that a Billy Reid sportcoat?

    • Tim Rogers

      JSSS, you have an eye for sportcoats. Yes, it is. I try to hit the Billy Reid warehouse sale every year. Can’t afford full freight at the mall store.

  • David Hopkins

    Maybe D Magazine can work something out with New Fine Arts and try to market a metroplex vibrator? Being that the Greek prefix “metro” means “mother,” I don’t really want to know what it does exactly.

  • mustang 66

    “North Texas”? Sorry, we are not in Amarillo. Why use that when you are “D” Magazine and “D” TV?

  • mustang 66

    “North Texas”? Sorry we are not in Amarillo. Why on earth would you endorse that when you are “D” Magazine and “D” TV?

  • Joy

    Amarillo is in the Panhandle. Dallas is in North Texas.

  • David Burrows

    I know you’ve heard this before, but I’ve got a great idea for a show

    • Harvey Lacey

      Sorry David, I already submitted the idea about the local Rube Goldberg genius saving the world from North East Texas.

  • David Burrows

    I know you’ve heard this already, but I’ve got a great idea for a show

  • Harvey Lacey

    I enjoyed that. What I kept hoping for was the camera scanning over to the corner where the grey haired one would be scribbling in his little pocket spiral pad, shaking his head, repeatedly and often.