Leading Off (12/6/12)

Sheriff Lupe Valdez Acknowledges Murder Suspect’s Escape From Parkland a Security “Mistake.” During her briefing, Valdez also admitted that black is “a dark color,” water is “generally not dry,” and the last 20 minutes of You Got Served is “unbearably awesome.”

Security Footage Shows Thieves Backing Truck Into Texas Rangers Fan Shop In Uptown. In the video, the thieves are clearly out by at least two feet, but because baseball refuses to implement full instant replay, umpires did not review the play and the theft is allowed to stand.

Owner Of Hurst Dry Cleaner Found With Fraudulent CIA and Department of Defense Credentials. Also, Azeez Al-Ghaziani had assorted digital camouflage items, a body armor carrier, a raid jacket with duty belt, and half a gram of white powder that tested positive for methamphetamine. His lawyer at first tried to trick investigating officers into believing it actually belonged to them with Bugs Bunny logic, then wondered if there was still time to sell it as a Breaking Bad spec script.