Leading Off (12/4/12)

DISD Teachers Are Mostly Happy With Their Jobs. Sorta. Maybe. DISD gave its employees the opportunity to take a survey and let administrators know how they feel about their workplace. This DMN story says the results were positive. Sixty-seven percent of employees took the survey, with 76 percent of the respondents saying they believe that “their school’s key actions are focused on what is best for students,” 65 percent saying they would recommend their school as a place to work, and 70 percent saying they look forward to work each day. What the DMNstory doesn’t say is that the survey wasn’t anonymous. Teachers had to log into a system with their ID to fill out the survey. So yeah. Many grains of salt needed here. UPDATE (10:50): That link goes to a blog post. The full story (paywall) addresses the survey’s methodology: “Some employees expressed concern about anonymity because they had to sign in with their district employee identification numbers to take the survey. [Jeffrey Pfeffer, a professor at Stanford University Graduate School of Business who reviewed the district’s results] said that the best climate surveys don’t require respondents to use identifying information to complete them and are conducted by third-party organizations. Dallas ISD conducted the survey through its evaluation and assessments department.”

Arboretum Still Looking for Parking. The search for a parking solution now appears to have jumped across Garland Road. And hamburger magnate Jack Keller is involved. Some longtime businesses (Walton’s, the Personal Touch Tree Center (the place with all the wood)) might need to move. Listen, as long as they keep the thing off Winfrey Point, we’re headed in the right direction.

Another Donkey Killed With Bow and Arrow. Someone in Fort Worth needs to go to jail for a long time.

Dallas Man One of 10 Most Wanted Sex Offenders. Speaking of people who need to go to jail.


  • robbiegood

    Across Garland Road is great. Want another novel idea? How about ON Garland Road?

    Garland Road (or is it Arboretum Blvd?) needs to be humanized. Sidewalks would be a great start. On-street parking would be even better. Yes, I’m sure you folks would complain about the traffic slowdown, but doesn’t it slowdown around the Arboretum anyways?