Leading Off (12/18/12)

Omni Hotel Earnings Ahead of Projections. According to figures from City Hall, in its first year of operations, the Omni will clear more than $19 million in EBITDA, about $3 million more than planned. That’s good news. But I don’t understand how you report that good news without giving us some important context. Because if bookings are down at, say, the Anatole, then this good news (paywall) isn’t as good. Is the Omni stealing business from other hotels? Is it leading to more bookings across the board, causing a rising tide that is lifting all boats? Come on, DMN. It ain’t that hard.

Guns, Schools, Rick Perry. If you were starting to pull out of your Newtown funk, then just know that a “kill list” was found at an Arlington school. It named 10 teachers. And in a speech to the Northeast Tarrant County Tea Party, Rick Perry said that school districts should decide whether teachers can carry guns. There now. Familiar, comfortable, holidays-infused depression set back in?

Salvation Army Bell Ringer Accused of Stealing From Red Kettle. Oh, you just watched The Polar Express and those previous two stories about guns and Rick Perry can’t defeat your Christmas spirit? Then read this.

P.S.: I’m Sorry. To make it up to you, here’s a cute video of puppies under a Christmas tree.


  • Harvey Lacey

    Let’s see if I have this figured out. Perry and him minions believe that we have the right to be armed because some day the vote might not be the control we have over our government.

    So they advocate more government presence in our schools, armed teachers and police. This teaches our kids that the presence of representatives of our government’s power is a good thing at their most impressionable age.

    This is not unlike putting bars over your windows for protection. The view is the same from either side.

  • gimmethewooby

    I’m holding the governor to his belief that schools should have “local control.”

  • RJS

    @Tim – if you want Anatole data, why don’t you ask Wick to speed dial Harlan?

  • AmyS

    Hotel Tax receipts for the last 13 months are available online. Right next to the Mixed Beverage tax reports. If you send the nice peeps at the Comptroller’s office an email, they’ll send you whatever data you want that’s older.

  • JSSS

    Tim, I certainly am not a big fan of DMN but oyur criticism is unfair. I think our local paper has run multiple articles concerning the Omni and the downtown hotel market in general, including one last month (see below link). I don’t think they are obligated to rehash this stuff in every article about the Omni.

  • Jjluv

    How bout the Omni Hotel booking large groups for the first time in Dallas. Ever though about that? Remember the whole reason Dallas built the hotel and connected it to their CONVENTION CENTER was to compete with other big cities for the large conferences.

  • Jon Leatherberry

    Tim, on a scale of “I hate him” to “I hate him and want to see his hair catch on fire” how much do you hate Rick Perry?

  • Brandon

    Hotels are taxed. Therefore, their tax receipts, which are a fairly good proxy for occupancy, are public record. You could do some journalism by looking it up and adding your own analysis. Or you could do some “journalism” and critique someone else’s analysis.

  • Dallas Grown Up

    How bout all the first time business Omni just pulled in for the city. It was built to compete with other cities. How bout look at the business it took away from other cities for conferences.

  • Tim Rogers

    I’d love to, Brandon. But right now I’m editing a 6,000-word manuscript that should have been edited and laid out last week. Not an excuse, just an explanation.

  • Jon Leatherberry

    Good point. He does write blogs all by himself.

  • MCC

    The poster Tucy over at the Dallas Metropolis messageboard summarizes the downtown hotel revpar’s for the folks there. A link to his latest post detailing 3Q2012 and 2011 revenue for most of the downtown area hotels.


  • Julie Z

    If Harlan Crow is no longer a D Magazine investor, then why are you still shilling for his hotel?

  • AmyS

    @MCC – thank you for my distraction today. I love that site.