Leading Off (12/17/12)

Dallas Morning News: ‘Affirm The Right of Gay Couples to Marry:’ As the Dallas Voice points out, as recently as last year, the Dallas Morning News refused to publish paid same-sex wedding announcements in their Weddings section. On Sunday, the newspaper came out in support of same-sex marriage in this editorial.

Is It Time For Sobriety Checkpoints? Every legislative session since 1994 has dealt with the controversial proposal to introduce police checkpoints as a way to address drunk driving. Looks like it will do so again.

Can We At Least Agree That Guns Are Scary? Of course we can’t. This is Texas. But listen. They’re scary when someone threatens to shoot-up a local high school. They are scary when a burglary turns into a Wild West shoot out and no one knows what the hell happened. They are scary because when a mentally disturbed man can only get his hand on a knife, no one dies, but when he can grab a gun, local TV news channels scramble to find the local connection. There’s always a local connection.

Should Josh Brent be on Cowboys’ Sideline? I know, I know. Phil Simms says the ‘boys are “special.” Tony Romo has now thrown for 25,000 career yards. The team is somehow tied for first place. And Jerry Jones is even trying to look good by donating $5 million to the Perot Museum of Nature and Fracking. But here’s the real Monday morning question coming out of the Cowboy’s weekend: should Josh Brent have been on the sideline during the Cowboys’ win over the Steelers Sunday? Former quarterback and CBS analyst Boomer Esiason doesn’t think so. He tweeted:

“Am I the only one that is wondering what in the world the Cowboys are thinking with Josh Brent on the sideline?”

My guess as to the Cowboys’ thinking: suicide, and ways to avoid it.


  • Not Buffy

    RE: The Dallas Morning News. This is a business decision, pure and simple. Low circulation and dwindling product demand makes business more “open” to ideas and concepts it was formerly against. And since it would be in bad form to say that publicly, the purity of DMN’s change of heart is revealed in paragraph five, “Polls show…” The justification for the paper’s change of heart is Olson’s argument. But if the DMN is supposed to be objective in the first place, and routing out the contradictions of inequality in society one of its missions, then it wouldn’t have taken Olson’s argument to persuade the paper that equality in a secular society is just; it would be a logical leap based on editorials and/or coverage of issues of civil rights, divisions between rich and poor, and the like. If discrimination is bad a Point A and B, then discrimination should be bad at Points C, D, E and F..

  • SybilsBeaver

    Should he be there? Well that’s up to what the Cowboys (staff and players) feel. If CBS didnt like it, then they never should have put him on TV.

    I think guns are good

    Sobriety checkpoints should not be allowed. They are an invasion of privacy for the 95% of people who get stopped at them that are sober and they are a waste of money for all the OT they have to pay for the extra officers required to put on a checkpoint. Just like I feel that the DL and Insurance checkpoint Arlington runs is totally sham.

    If someone wants to get married let them!

  • Dubous Brother

    Guns are scary when a wack job has one and you don’t. The wack job at the Clackamas Town Center mall in Oregon thought he would be the only armed person for awhile but there was a young man with a license to carry that didn’t run from the wack job but went in his direction with his gun drawn. It seems as though the wack job saw he was being stalked by someone with a gun and after killing two innocent people he killed himself probably so he wouldn’t be taken alive and wounded. No one will ever know how many lives were saved because one other person in the mall was armed.

  • Everlasting Phelps

    “They are scary because when a mentally disturbed man can only get his hand on a knife, no one dies,”

    Are you really this stupid?


  • Brett Moore
  • Brett Moore

    So we should arm everyone? Or just Kindergarten teachers?

  • Former Texan

    Maybe we should allow people to make their own choices. If a kindergarten teacher chooses to arm herself, yes, she should be free to do so.

  • Dubious Brother

    I’ll ask the same question I asked in another post – If you child were in that school would you rather have an armed and trained principal or the unarmed one that was killed by the shooter.