Leading Off (12/13/12)

Richland Hills Man Carves Pentagram on the Back of His 6-Year-Old Son. He said he did it because it was a “holy day.” I believe the reaction you’re looking for is: long stare into the middle distance, followed by waking up your sleep-dazed kid to tell him you love him.

Former Cowboys Linebacker Eugene Lockhart Sentenced to Four and a Half Years in Prison. For his role in a mortgage fraud scheme. It would have been more but he had his sentence reduced because — you know what? That first story still has me shaken. I can’t make any good jokes. So, apparently I read that story five years ago.

A Bunch of People Get Married on 12/12/12. Good luck, gang. Pick a fun day to get divorced on, too.

Mavs Play Exciting Game, Lose. What is the early part of the season if not for ultimately futile but exciting double-overtime games?

I’m Going To Be in a Bad Mood All Day. Beware of the darkness. It’s all around. Except here.