Leading Off (12/11/12)

Dallas City Auditor Says Problems Haven’t Been Fixed. City auditor Craig Kinton was told that most of his recommendations had been followed, but an audit released yesterday (paywall) shows that the auditor’s audit has been mostly for naught. City manager Mary Suhm doesn’t seem to think the situation is too fraught. “I don’t always agree with his tabulations about what’s done or not done, and we don’t always agree with all the recommendations,” she said. “Sometimes it’s too much money for protecting against too little risk.”

DISD Audit Finds That Hiring Rules Were Broken. Now, this is a preliminary audit (paywall), but it is an audit nonetheless, and it found that superintendent Mike Miles broke rules as he assembled his team leadership team. The document is still a draft and awaiting response from administrators before it is made final, but it’s safe to assume that this audit will offer no plaudits.

Dwayne Goodrich Knows What It Feels Like To Kill Someone. Josh Brent isn’t the only Cowboy who has killed someone with a car. George Riba tracked down Goodrich to get his perspective on the matter.