Lamar Odom On His Season In Dallas: ‘The People Are Nice’

Tonight, Lamar Odom squares off against the team he (kind of, sort of) played for last season, when the Mavericks face Odom’s Los Angeles Clippers. Which means it’s time for: reaction quotes. Here’s the money:

“It was a blur, man,” Odom replied. “I wasn’t there either, like mentally.”

“The people are nice,” Odom said of Dallas. “Great fans.

“Sometimes we make pit stops in some places. I remember the people and the city. Basketball just wasn’t there for me at that time.”

(via the always great Ball Don’t Lie)


  • Michael Hassett

    Looks like he enjoyed the food.

  • mynameisbill

    I betcha Lamar’s gonna be hatin’ himself once that new golf course in south Dallas gets built. #booya!