KDGE-FM Lays Off Program Director Josh Venable

I guess I should say, KDGE-FM lays off Josh Venable again, part of a nationwide culling of staff at Clear Channel.

After Josh was laid off five years ago, he went to L.A., where he worked for another Clear Channel station, 98.7 FM, working afternoon drive. Eventually, as music director, he helped 98.7 regularly beat the venerable KROQ in the ratings. That brought him back to Dallas — to the station at which he started when he was 19 years old — in July 2011, where he took over as program director. But now he’s out (again), as the radio business continues to shrink. (I should point out that Josh is my oldest and best friend, so drawing me offsides in the comments won’t take much work.)


  • Tim Rogers

    Who’s your second-best friend? In fact, I’d like to see a list of your top five on my desk by EOB.

    (Condolences to Josh, whom I met circa 1994, when he and Keven McAlester did The Adventure Club together. I hope someone in this market is smart enough to hire him. Josh, not Keven. Keven is a half-French, Harvard-educated putz whose main talent is chain-smoking.)

  • Zac Crain

    1. Josh
    2. Bob Mehr
    3. (tie) Tim & Laura Kostelny
    5. Either Daniel Reid or the night clerk at the Walgreens on Colorado and Beckley

  • AmyS

    Radio may be shrinking, but I heard D TV is expanding.

  • kimbrolio

    All I want for Christmas is KXT to hire Josh as program director. And a pony.

  • Jay Spence

    and Hank Mardukas

  • Nicole Crane

    Josh has long been my favorite radio personality… in an age where I could care less about radio (honestly he may be the only DJ I know by name anymore) he kept me listening. He is one of the nicest guys and it sucks that KDGE has once again screwed him over.
    Is this the end of the Adventure Club… again?

    pourin a dr pepper out for my homie

    • Charles Nutt

      I’m wandering the same thing

  • JustAnOpinion007

    It’s interesting for me read this just a day or so after I made a comment to my wife that The EDGE was no longer playing ‘edge’ music. I heard a song, don’t remember which, that made me double take to see if I was listening to 106.1 versus 102.1. Used to be that EDGE music like Muse and Linkin Park was 98% of the time played only by the EDGE…not KISS, MIX or others. Now you can here it on almost all stations. Just saying.

    • Andrew Hime

      I’d say just the opposite… I never thought I’d hear M83 on a commercial radio station. When the dock guys at work put The Edge on the radio for a few days, it was a breath of fresh air and actually pretty surprising.

  • Geoff

    When I first moved to Dallas in 1995, I called into the Adventure Club and requested a They Might be Giants song. Mr. Venable graciously played my lame request, and prompted it with our tape-delayed phone conversation wherein I request said song and mention that I’d just moved to town. Josh welcomed me to Dallas on air. For that he remains one of the coolest people I’ve never met. Godspeed, sir.

  • Tim Rogers

    You weren’t supposed to tell people that Laura and I got married and that I took her last name.

  • Kyle

    I know why he wanted to come home, but KDGE has been flailing for a few years. Their past listener base now listens to KXT (the smart ones) or 102.9 (the lame ones) or nothing at all. Their younger listener base doesn’t care. I love Josh (we cracked up John from Ned’s Atomic Dustbin one night by being the only radio and record label guys he’d ever seen in the mosh pit), but I was surprised to see him return from a kush gig in L.A. Hopefully someone in the area has the gig that will let him flourish again.

  • Jon Rob Cotrman

    This Sunday was a strange night. I listened to the Local Adventure Club without Josh.


    WAH, sorry to hear Josh- I got my CC walking papers back in 06! I know you will turn up somewhere FAB soon!

    BUT so EXCITED Jagger Mafia is returning to the KDGE airwaves next year! Jagger, Jasmine, Mondo- GREATNESS!!


    WAH, sorry to hear about Jsoh; Ireceived my CC walking papers back in 06! GOod lUCk Josh!

    BUT, SO HAPPY to hear Jagger is headed back to KDGE! THat Jagger Mafia, with Jasmine and Mondo- greatness! Best of luck to all!