Josh Hamilton to Leave Texas Rangers, Join Angels

Says so all over the baseball interweb.

The Los Angeles Angels were supposed to be out of money. They were supposed to be looking for a pitcher. Instead, they’resigning Josh Hamilton to a five-year deal, beating out the Rangers for the services of the 2010 MVP.

So the upside is Rangers fans will still get to see Hamilton many times a year. Just in a different uniform.

(And yes, this news is so important we’ve posted it twice. Deal with it.)

It’s another blow in an offseason that has not gone the way the Rangers would have liked it to have gone. No Zack Greinke. Mike Napoli gone. No Justin Upton. Ryan Demspter off to the Red Sox.

A lot of production has been subtracted from their lineup with nothing significant added. At this point, it looks like Jurickson Profar and Mike Olt – their hottest prospects – may need to perform extremely, extremely well next season for the team to compete again for the division title.

But it’s also worth noting that a five-year contract is something the Rangers are likely glad not to have given to Hamilton. It’s too much of a commitment to a player who in a few years will likely not be worth what the Angels will be obligated to pay him. In 2013 though? Looks like there will be a monster of a lineup in Anaheim.


  • RangerGirl

    All I can say is Good Riddance! Let the Angels deal with his immaturity. Buh-Bye JH!

  • Dubious Brother

    All things considered, I would rather be playing against Pujols and Hamilton, when they are in the lineup, as they work their way through their thirties than paying them.

  • vseslav botkin

    Not sure how much playing time Profar gets when they still have Andrus. And by some accounts, they’ve had interesting offers for both players. So I suspect they think Profar is still a year away and since they have Andrus signed through 2014, they’ll stick with him at short for at least another season. Olt definitely needs more time in the minors. I could see both either spending the first half of 2013 in the minors or waiting for a September call-up again.

    • Jason Heid

      It’s definitely possible that one of them might be traded. I don’t think, if the club keeps both, that they should be stuck in the minors or on the bench all season.

      But my primary point is that, with these huge subtractions from the lineup, and no other huge additions (at least yet), that lost production is going to have to come from within. So who’s going to provide it? Olt and Profar might soon have far more weight on their shoulders.

  • Lin Lofley

    Who knows what the Rangers are thinking? But I remember that when I learned Profar is represented by Scott Boras it made me think they should trade him for as much as they can get. Maybe they let him play this year (I think he has another year to arbitration) and if/when he produces then sell him high and let someone else deal with Boras. This probably has more to do with my own dislike for Boras than it has anything to do with Profar. I genuinely hope the kid can produce. The Rangers will need him.