Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett Didn’t Know Josh Brent Was Going to Be on the Sidelines Yesterday

Around 5 p.m. yesterday, I got a text from Mooney. Edited for content: “Josh Brent is on the [humping] sideline right now.” We were both confused, I think, and I responded with: “Saw that. So strange.”

Turns out Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett were in the same boat. From the Morning News:

Several of the Cowboys players called Brent and implored him to come to the game. They wanted him there. Since Brent is on the non-football illness list, he can show up at any time before the game like a player on injured reserve and gain access.

Owner Jerry Jones, executive vice president Stephen Jones and head coach Jason Garrett weren’t aware that Brent was going to be at the game until they saw him on the sidelines. Brent eventually left the game once he realized he was being a distraction.



  • CIppy

    BS. Believe me, Jerry knows who will be on that field at ALL times and if someone let Brent on the field without Jerry’s permission, he will not have a job today.

  • Mike

    Unbelievable. Say I get drunk and kill a coworker from my office. I don’t think I would be showing up at work like nothing happened – let alone be welcomed back.