Congratulations, the Mayans Were Wrong

We’ll continue with our programming today as planned.

If the Mayans were right, though, and the world as 21st-century humans knew it has ended, and you found this website in some excursive, from-the-ashes-we-rise world, and you know English, and you found a fully-charged laptop, and your new society has recreated the internet: please forgive our obsession with Helvetica. It seemed like such a cool idea at the time.


  • izzy


  • mayansidoits

    if they were so smart how come they are extinct?

    • Bill Marvel

      1.They aren’t extinct. There are tens of thousands of them going about their daily lives in Mexico.
      2.They are smart. Mayans never believed the world would end today.That was cooked up and spread by us non-Mayas.
      3. Now be an adult and apologize.

    • Carlos

      You and Bradford are idiots..

  • kat_reilly


  • Bobtex

    Apologize? That is not in their playbook. What they do is:
    1. Make an outrageous hyperbolic statement that has little or no basis in fact.
    2. Ignore any refutation; perhaps reinforce or expand original nonsense.
    3. Move to another subject, and repeat step 1.
    4. For examples, see:
    a. Obama is a Muslim.
    b. Obama is a Kenyan.
    c. Obama is a Socialist.
    d. Obama is a radicl Christian.
    e. There is a war on Christmas (how they failed to blame Obama for this, I don’t know).

    This is the Fox News/GOP band of truth deniers at work.