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Exxon Mobil CEO Awarded $4.6 Million Bonus

By Bradford Pearson |

Geez, gas prices amirite? $3.29 by my house. Seems there’s gotta be a way to drive those prices down, help the consumer:

The chief executive officer of Exxon Mobil Corp, the world’s largest publicly traded oil company, will take home a higher salary next year and his bonus increases 5 percent.

The Irving, Texas, company’s board of directors awarded Rex Tillerson, the company’s chairman and CEO, a bonus of $4.59 million, up from $4.37 million last year, a filing Tuesday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission showed.

A $4.59 million bonus? Like, that’s not his salary? Or the salary of an entire company? Wait, maybe it will get better:

Tillerson’s salary will rise 5 percent to $2.71 million effective January 1.

The CEO will receive about half the bonus in cash by the end of this year, while the payout of the balance is linked to the company’s earnings, the filing said.

Tillerson was also granted 225,000 shares of restricted stock, the same amount as last year.

Get out. Kindly leave.