DeMarcus Cousins Punches O.J. Mayo in the Groin, Says He Didn’t Punch O.J. Mayo in the Groin

Spotted this last night:

Some choice quotes from O.J. Mayo, via ESPN:

“Man, I was so pissed,” Mayo said after his 19-point, seven-rebound performance in the rout. “It’s just, where does that come in in the game, you know what I mean? He’s a talented player, has a chance to be an All-Star. But you do stuff like that, it takes you down a class.”

“That guy has some mental issues, man,” Mayo said. “He’s a talented player. He has an opportunity to be the face of that organization, but I don’t think he wants it. …

“He’s immature, man. Big maturity problem. Hopefully, he’ll grow up out of it and become great. He definitely has the talent to.”

When O.J. Mayo is smacking your maturity, it’s time to step it up. For the record, Cousins said he was just pushing off. With a closed fist. Into the groin.