Dallas State Rep. Jason Villalba to File Bill Allowing School Faculty to Carry Concealed Guns

North Dallas state representative-elect Jason Villalba will file legislation allowing Texas public schools to appoint trained faculty members to carry concealed firearms on campus, he said in a statement to the Morning News.

“We need to talk very frankly about how we can protect our children if the unthinkable should occur,” Villalba said in the statement. “By providing our schools with the option to have a trained school marshal to act as the last line of defense, we are empowering ISDs with the ability to protect our children and faculty against those who would seek to destroy human life.”

Said “trained school marshals” would be existing faculty members with concealed handgun licenses. Those individuals would have to provide their own firearms, and undergo additional firearms training, the bill will read. Villalba also proposed that the school marshals would be known only to the principal, law enforcement and certain district administrators.

Quick question: what’s the liability of this? Of a civilian-trained (not law-enforcement trained) faculty member, bringing his/her own gun into a school, and being responsible for the safety of its children? Well-trained, tactical police officers make mistakes – “NYPD Gunfire In Empire State Building Shooting Wounded All Nine Bystanders, Says Ray Kelly” – so what about an art teacher with a Browning in her boot?


  • AmyS

    So, a warning goes out, the police arrive, and WHO? wants to be the staff member standing there holding a gun? Like you said, well-trained, tactical police officer make mistakes – and we’re talking about DPD here.

  • Dubious Brother

    I’m thinking that the best way to address the school safety issue is to classify the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre as a terrorist attack instead of the work of a mentally ill gun nut. The execution and the outcome are the same. Terrorists try to choose high profile targets with unarmed innocent people as their victims. The killing of a relatively small number of innocents affects the lives of millions. To get the most media attention you need to hit NYC or its suburbs where the media people live, work and play. Instead of getiing a few hours of coverage you get wall to wall coverage for several days.

    As a result of the twin tower attacks this country has spent billions to protect us from more attacks. We have armed marshalls on the airplanes, locked cockpit doors and of course x-ray screening of everyone that wants to fly on a plane. Would the jihadists been able to succeed in their mission if there were armed marshalls on the four planes? Would they have even tried it?

    Had there been one armed and trained adult in Sandy Hook could lives have been saved? We will never know but I would prefer that at my children’s and grand children’s schools.

  • Eric

    Yeah, that’s what concerns me, liability, not dead kids.

  • Responsible Gun Owner

    Liability is valid concern for those of us who can think and feel at the same time. Between you and Dubious Brother, who seems to favor the mostly misguided and overpriced security theater that came out of 9/11, I weep for this nation of emotional adolescents. What happens when a teacher/marshall shoots up kids accidentally to get to the hypothetical gunman? What happens when a teacher/marshall shoots a an innocent unknown adult misidentified as the hypothetical gunman? Does the school district get saddled with crippling lawsuits from families of casualties of the teacher/marshall? Does the school district or teacher/marshall get sued if the teacher/marshall fails to draw a weapon and fire on a hypothetical gunman that kills civilians in the school? What happens when a student gets their hands on a techer/marshall’s weapon somehow?
    Adults who have responsibilities think through these things because often the solution that “feels” right makes things worse.

  • Keith Turner

    This makes sense except in Illinois where policiticians think its better to call (if you get a chance to call) for a man with a gun to come save you than for you to save yourself.