Dallas Bike Ordinance Returns to Council

New rules for cyclists and drivers will return to Dallas City Council tomorrow, after the measure was delayed months ago. The stipulations passed the council’s public safety and quality of life committees yesterday, KERA reports, and includes the following stipulations:

– The maximum fine for violating the shared-lane rules is reduced to $300 unless there’s bodily injury; then it’s the original $500.
– The requirement that a driver or cyclist knowingly violate the rules, so-called mental culpability, has been removed. Tickets can be issued if the action is deemed reckless.
– Drivers and bicyclists must obey all the rules. There was concern that the original rules were weighted in favor of cyclists.
– A distance requirement between car and bike was rejected by Dallas police. They say there’s really not a way to enforce it.

Heads to the full council tomorrow. Before jumping to the full memorandum, read Tim’s piece from our December issue about why Dallas hates cyclists: