College Station State Rep: ‘Ping-Pongs Are More Dangerous Than Guns’

In a fairly obvious-yet-necessary story, the Bryan-College Station Eagle caught up with all of the state representatives from the area, asking them about gun control. In a word: hate. They hate it. District 12 Rep. Kyle Kacal hates it so much, because guns, like, aren’t even dangerous really:

Kacal echoed a common nationwide argument that guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

“I’ve heard of people being killed playing ping-pong — ping-pongs are more dangerous than guns,” he said. “Flat-screen TVs are injuring more kids today than anything.”

A.) I’d like to see those numbers. I’d think “falling down and going boom” would still rank higher than flatscreen injuries.
B.) Does he play ping-pongs with hand grenades? Throwing stars?


  • gimmethewooby

    Time to investigate the media cover-up of all these ping pong fatalities.

  • ecrosstexas

    “Since 2000, more than 200 children have died that way. More startling stats: 18,000 people are injured by falling sets every year; three children are injured by a tipped-over TV every hour; and one child is killed every two weeks.” Report just issued last week

  • BradfordPearson

    Didn’t say it wasn’t happening, just that “injuring more kids today than anything” seems dubious.

  • Zac Crain

    Ping-pong is the most deadly game.

  • Edward

    To me, the lack of logic or reason expressed by justifications and arguments against any forms of gun control are similar to the whacked out reasons people have against gay marriage.

    I’m all for having reasonable discussions using facts (like using what Australia did, for example), but to just throw out all kinds of stuff that either makes no sense or has nothing to do with what the discussion is about is ridiculous.

    It also reinforces the fact that many voters are idiots, because they keep electing these idiots.

  • Peter Simek

    Also more dangerous than guns? Ping-pong played by Bruce Lee . . . with nunchucks.

  • Bill Trott

    when ping-pongs are outlawed, only outlaws will have ping-pongs.

  • Bill Trott

    when ping-pongs are outlawed, only outlaws will have ping-pongs.

  • BC T

    go ahead and laugh but this guy will probably be the next governor.

  • RAB

    Thanks for that, Mr. Simek. Totally amazing.

  • Nathan Lamborne

    I think the reason most everyday gun people aren’t saying much in the face of all this transitory obsession with guns this week is that they recognize that most of the media since Sandy Hook have been operating grossly out of their areas of competence.

    To hear and read most of the coverage is like stumbling upon a group of wild-eyed 7-year-olds trying to explain sex to one another. For example, today on KERA John Hockenberry confessed authoritatively to his audience to owning a “5-clip rifle”.

    38, 38, whatever it takes, John, but I really don’t think you’re supposed to stick 5 of those in there.

  • Brandon

    This fake unfortunately. CGI

  • mo roney

    Pings don’t kill people. Pongs do.