Centennial Offering Major Discounts This Weekend, Ctd.

Hang on there, eager tipplers! We are receiving a report from the field, and it’s not encouraging. A certain lacrosse-playing FrontBurnervian who may or may not be married to Krista tells us that he’s at the Centennial on Greenville and Ross. Yes, some of the hooch is 50 percent off. But certainly not all of it. The email did say “up to 50,” so that’s cricket. But nothing is marked, which makes it impossible to tell whether you’re getting a good deal till you get to the register. Is that bottle of Knob Creek discounted by 5 percent or 50? Further investigation is warranted.


  • Glenn

    I think the email said “up to 50%” off, which is not the same thing as 50% off.

  • Tim Rogers

    I am told that whipped-cream-flavored vodka was 15 percent off. Does that help?

  • Jay Pritchard

    It’s not polite to reveal what you are giving me as a stocking stuffer.

  • MCC

    Just got back from the one at Walnut Hill and 75. The signage in the stores are pimping 10-30% off, not 50%, and most of the discounts are at the 10-20% level. Only the liquor was marked down, no beer or wine discounts from what I could tell. Lots of expensive scotch and tequila left, but not much run of the mill stuff.

  • mynameisbill

    My Taaka Extra Dry Gin(pint version) is always for the low low price of $2.99. It’s my daily go to, and I hardly ever over imbibe(pinky swear). Life’s good, when you keep the bar low. L’chaim!

  • Justin B.

    I went to the Centennial on Belt Line in Addison and found the discounts hard to gauge. At that store all the sale bottles were marked with a yellow price tag, but it didn’t say the normal retail price or the percentage discount, so I had no idea whether they were great deals or not.

    Wondering if the warehouse sale will be more of the same, or if there will be deeper (and documented!) discounts.

  • allison

    Thanks for the feedback. I have a party run to do at Spec’s Saturday, and this saves me the time trying the Centennial sale instead.

  • Justin B.

    Update on the warehouse sale. I stopped by there at 10:15, 15 minutes after it opened, and the place was already a zoo. Tons of wine and various bottles of liquor scattered throughout the cramped aisles. It appeared that there were only two cashiers setup, so I decided to skip the hour-ish checkout line. The deals are nice, but to me they weren’t worth the searching and waiting in line.