‘Big Tex’ Tops Dallas’ Google Searches in 2012

Kick around on Google Zeitgeist for a bit, and you’ll find some interesting nuggets. For instance: the fifth-most searched recipe in the United States was for something called “slutty brownies.” A thin, sultry strip of coconut down the middle? Or just brownies that everyone can enjoy? I don’t know.

Anyway, the list of Dallas’ top searches just slid across my desk:

1. Big Tex
2. Dallas Cowboys
3. Dallas Craigslist
4. Texas Rangers
5. Black Friday
6. Presidential Polls
7. Southern Methodist University
8. Dallas Mavericks
9. Studio Movie Grill
10. North Texas Tollway Authority

These all make sense to me, except for one. Do people really love eating food while watching movies so much that it nearly catapulted the term ahead of a team coming off an NBA championship?

Also: the poor Stars. Poor, poor Stars.