2012 Year in Review: Crime in Dallas

RIP homie.

Crime’s up, crime’s down. Crime’s all around. Let’s just jump right into it.

Back in January, we were pouring pig blood into the Trinity, but by May we were lighting dogs on fire. Not a good year for animals, or their afterlife counterparts, all things considered. Speaking of animals, Mooney wrote about Lois Pearson, who was treated like one by a madman with little conscience and even less compassion.

And it was an up-and-down year for Barrett Brown. Actually, pretty down year for Barrett Brown, but a great year for people who wrote stories about Barrett Brown. Law enforcement: also a down year. They body-slammed an Arlington girl, were suspended for the violent arrest of a teenager, fired for screwing up 911 calls, and were also suspended for dropping rap albums. Oh, and the murder rate ticked back up.

Highland Park High School student Ryan Romo was arrested for sexual assault, but all anyone (us included) could talk about was how CultureMap reported the arrest.

A strip club owner hired a hitman to kill the mayor of Arlington and (surprise!) failed, a Handsome Guy got 35 years in prison, and a newscaster drove drunk. Randy Travis lived out a country song consistently, and we found out the NorthPark Apple store is the most corrupt in the country. Within 10 days in Highland Park, a baby was killed and a man tried to stab his wife to death.

This year’s “Burn in Hell Award,” though, goes to Elizabeth Escalona, who brutally beat her daughter, then super-glued the girl’s hands to a wall.

Let’s all try to treat each other a little better in 2013.



  • Borborygmus

    On a lighter note, David Dewhurst reported his state campaign manager allegedly stole between $600,000 and $1 million in campaign donations. Because nobody was watching. Or counting. For years.

  • Glenn

    How could this be a “lighter note”? An [alleged] sleazy criminal embezzler is a sleazy criminal embezzler, no matter who the victim is.