Woman Assaulted on Katy Trail

According to NBC-DFW:

As [runner Anna Chrysikopoulos] hopped back on the trail, she says a man grabbed her from behind.

She said, the man “wrapped one of his arms, like he’s trying to grab my hip and pull me backwards, and then he didn’t really get a good grip and I was screaming, and he ran off.”

A fellow runner stopped to make sure she was fine, still Chrysikopoulos was shaken up.

“I think he was trying to grab me, take me,” she said.

I used to live in Uptown, and used the trail regularly. I’ve seen people using it as a toilet, and we all know about the coyotes. Long story short: the trail feels safe, but isn’t.

Heads, swivels, etc.


  • Stephen White

    If you go to http://www.familywatchdog.com and search the area near the Katy Trail you wont be so surprised by stories like this.

  • Wes Mantooth

    What the Katy Trail needs is a Rick Perry patrol. Gun down the coyotes and the bad guys, then get some chard. Come on, Zac, this is fertile ground for one of your Perry/Norris photo bits.

  • Rico Plano

    The URL for the national sex offender database lookup is http://www.familywatchdog.us/ … not .com