Who Really Killed the Sacred White Buffalo?

When news broke a few months ago, that the sacred white buffalo born less than a year earlier in Greenville had been murdered, approximately half the journalists in Texas felt their ears perk up. As far as news stories go, rarely do you have so many great elements all at once: plenty of interesting characters with colorful names, an ancient culture full of lore, and some pretty incredible accusations.

Just yesterday, we linked to a story about the investigation from WFAA. Today we bring you this week’s Dallas Observer cover story, by my always-observant friend Brantley Hargrove. (Be warned, the story runs about 6,000 words.) The short: Arby Little Soldier, the white buffalo’s owner, claimed the animal was butchered by two Lakota rivals. But that doesn’t seem to be the case at all actually.

Make sure you read far enough to get to Little Soldier’s “spiritual elder,” Sam Lone Wolf. Here’s a one-sentence description, from the story:

“In an online martial arts profile, Lone Wolf says he runs a wolf sanctuary and rarely travels without one of his animals at his side ‘for protection.'”


  • 1Daily Reader

    I read the Observer article, a very good one too. I can understand why “Lone Wolf” travels with one of his animals for protection. Sounds like he needs to take on a couple more traveling companions to me. What a piece of work. If Little Soldier was gullible enough to trust him, he deserves the bad publicity and humiliation he’s getting. He was in it for the money and attention so he’s no better than “Lone Wolf”.

  • marisa

    Why is this news? Human interest maybe but let it drop and the people involved can resolve it.