• SybilsBeaver

    “2. Will we get our own dollar with Rick Perry holding a uterus on it?”

    I thought Rick Perry was a Uterus….untouchable

  • joeptone

    Thanks, Zac. The very funny and under-appreciated but slightly overpaid Nick Rallo wrote that joke.

    Next time we’ll try to make them exactly the same amount palatable to you.

    • Zac Crain

      Yes, make sure you have 100-percent approval from me. That should be everyone’s goal.

      (I’m just mad I didn’t come up with it first. As always.)

  • mynameisbill

    Don’t forget, it also means that Texas will never have any more natural disasters. When we finally break away from the ungodly United States of Socialist Obamadrones(pretty clever, huh) we’ll have the eternal blessings of the chosen one, Rev. Robert Jeffress! The prophecy of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson will finally have materialized, amen brothers and sisters! Delicious BBQ brisket will fall like manna from the heavens and our creeks will overfloweth with thirst quenching Shiner! Good lord let’s start getting this secession stuff going…..I don’t think I can hold my excitement in any longer!

  • ABC

    They stole the “gun carrying a gun” gag from a recent episode of Conan (Wednesday or Thursday of last week, complete with accompanying graphic of a revolver wearing a smaller holstered revolver that Andy called “cute”).

  • joeptone

    Hi ABC — Nick didn’t steal that joke. Never even saw the Conan bit. Great minds, I guess.

  • MountainDougie

    The end result of this has already been documented…

  • Avid Reader

    Great joke; been around a lot longer than a week.