Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Nov. 26

Did everyone watch Liz & Dick on Lifetime last night?!

Welcome back, turkey eaters, trotters, skippers. Perhaps, like me, you’ve been surgically attached to the couch for the past few days eating lukewarm leftover mashed potatoes straight out of the battered Ziploc container. However, Monday morning has called for a return to form. Let’s ease back into real life together, huh?  It won’t last long–Christmas is basically here.

Plodding admirably on in their five-year quest to destroy the collected works of William Shakespeare (can you tell I’m super excited about The Hobbit? I am. Super excited.), the AT&T Performing Arts Center offers their staged reading of the sorta sexist romantic comedy The Taming of the Shrew. Kate, the “shrew” of the title, is stubborn and obstinate. Obviously the worst. Petruchio, her gold-digging suitor, vows to tame her. There’s a subplot concerning Kate’s much more desirable sister, who cannot marry until Kate does. Keep in mind that this play was the inspiration for 10 Things I Hate About You, which as I’ve said in this space before is a fantastic movie. Anyway, if you buy tickets in advance, it’s $10. Otherwise, it’s pay what you can at the door.

For dinner, I feel like a return to Mr. Mesero is in order, mostly for that crazy delicious queso and also so I don’t have to eat turkey again. (It’s also one of our Best New Restaurants, so go while the going’s good.)

Also tonight, and speaking of more holidays, Oil & Cotton offers a sew-your-own-Christmas-stocking class. It’s BYOB, so bring whatever it is that inspires your craftiness and learn how to sew a pretty stocking to hang by the fireside with care. I’ve had the same pretty stocking since I was a kid–I’m just lucky it’s survived. However, the stockings I’ve made for various pets are looking a little shoddy. Time for an update.

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