Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Nov. 19

Dallas Film Society’s James Faust, guest at tonight’s event, in a photo by the talented Jeanne Prejean.

Former presidential candidate and future moon colony leader Newt Gingrich is in town with the moon’s future first lady, Callista. The duo definitely have been busy since the whole White House bid didn’t work out, writing books about patriotic things such as pilgrims and the battle of Yorktown. If you’re into that, they’re signing copies at the Barnes and Noble across from NorthPark. Otherwise, I’ll just leave you with this amazing photo from Gingrich’s visit to the University of Texas.

For real, though. Tonight, the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture hosts a Speaking of Movies class with discussions usually led by film expert and psychologist Dr. Scott Churchill and Dr. Larry Allums, the institute’s director. The special guest is Dallas Film Society’s James Faust, and Churchill will be in attendance, as well.

Because I am a good Samaritan whose other good qualities include humbleness, I thought I’d alert you that this is pretty much your last chance to seen Skyfall on 35 mm at the Texas Theatre. The franchise addition is Peter Simek-approved. Vulture did some heroic investigative work and figured out if, in fact, James Bond could really fight in bespoke suits as tight as Daniel Craig’s attire. Anyway, go for a super dignified dinner at Lockhart (Mesa’s sadly not open on Mondays), get a drink at the theater bar and then see this movie. You really can’t go wrong.

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  • Kk.

    Calista Gingrich has always reminded me of the Martian woman in the movie Mars Attacks.

  • Avid Reader

    Ha, spot on comparison.