Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Nov. 14

The candles will light your way to sales.

Who’s up for a nighttime shopping adventure?

Last week, the ever-helpful, always beautiful Raya alerted me to the Candlelight Walk on Henderson, which sound like a very romantic evening for you and your credit cards. You get discounts, cocktails, and snacky things at 14 participating stores, which include Gypsy Wagon, Milton Kent Antiques, Beaucoup, La Mariposa, ART is ART, Pandemonium, Emeralds to Coconuts, Glitz Salon, The Wooden House, Sputnik Modern, Form, The Pearl Cup, Milk & Honey, and We are 1976. And since it’s pitch black since 6 p.m., you can roll over there any time, since the stores are staying open uncharacteristically late.

Not too far away, Cru Wine Bar in West Village (also home of this stunning new boutique I can’t wait to check out) hosts a party for the newly stocked Beaujolais Nouveau wines. Per the venue, “Beaujolais Nouveau is not a wine to sniff, swirl, and contemplate; it’s a wine to pour and party with, which is exactly what we plan to do.” I think that about sums it up. The party includes 15 different Beaujolais wines, live music, and food for when your party pants start feeling a mite too loose.

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