The Sweetest Story You’ll Find This Weekend

Between the explosions and the secessions and the loss of junk food (and, oh yeah, 18,000 jobs)–not to mention terrible traffic–it’s been a rough day. This story (paywall…I think) is pretty awesome though. It’s already pretty short, but the even shorter version goes like this:

Koregan Quintanilla is a fourth-grader who just turned 10. When he was a baby, someone left him at the step of an Arlington fire station with only a bottle and a spare diaper. He was found by a firefighter named Wesley Keck and eventually adopted into what sounds like a kind, loving family. Recently, Koregan, asked his mother if he could visit the station where he was found, and talk to the man who found him.

Last night was their touching reunion. As it turns out, Keck, a father of four, has kept Koregan’s baby picture with him all this time, and he’s wondered what happened to the boy he found. Koregan, usually a quiet, thoughtful kid, was elated and talkative. When Keck found out Koregan wants to be a firefighter when he grows up, he arranged for the boy to ride shotgun in the firetruck.

Neither the Quintanilla family nor the fire department know anything about Koregan’s biological mother. He was left under the Baby Moses law, which allows parents of infants up to 60 days old to leave the baby at a hospital or fire station without punishment. This quote, from the boy’s adoptive mother, says it all though: “She obviously must have been made of some good stuff, because that little boy is made of some good stuff.”


  • billholston

    @Leslie Minora is a great local writer and this was a wonderful story