Texas Might Turn Blue Sooner Than You Think

The New Yorker‘s Ryan Lizza spent some time with Senator-elect Ted Cruz, right before the election. In his very long piece, Lizza discusses immigration, and how those immigrants might turn dependably red states into blue states. And he’s not just talking foreign immigrants:

More than a million Americans have moved to Texas in the past decade, many from traditionally Democratic states. More than three hundred and fifty thousand Californians have arrived in the past five years; since 2005, over a hundred thousand Louisianans permanently relocated to Texas, mostly in Houston, after Hurricane Katrina. The population is also skewing younger, which means more Democratic. But [state Republican Party chairman Steve Munisteri]  is more preoccupied by the racial and ethnic changes.

He turned to a chart showing Texas’s population by ethnic group over the next few decades. A red line, representing the white population, plunged from almost fifty-five per cent, in 2000, to almost twenty-five per cent, in 2040; a blue line, the Hispanic population, climbed from thirty-two per cent to almost sixty per cent during the same period. He pointed to the spot where the two lines crossed, as if it augured a potential apocalypse. “This shows when Hispanics will become the largest group in the state,” he said. “That’s somewhere in 2014. We’re almost at 2013!” He added, “You cannot have a situation with the Hispanic community that we’ve had for forty years with the African-American community, where it’s a bloc of votes that you almost write off. You can’t do that with a group of citizens that are going to compose a majority of this state by 2020, and which will be a plurality of this state in about a year and a half.”

So, 2014? Maybe?


  • Everlasting Phelps

    Why does everyone assume that people who self-select to move to a red state are going to vote democrat? Because of the color of their skin?

    • New Mexico to Texas

      WOW. I’m a pasty white guy and I haven’t voted for a Republican since I was 18. it’s ridiculous and yes racist to assume that someone is a Democrat because of their skin color, so the criticism you’re making should be applied to you. Incredible circular and just plain bizarre reasoning.

  • Avid Reader

    Wonder why so many people moved from California to Texas?

    • Mike

      To escape the mess that Democrats created out there!

  • Steve Zimmerman

    On one hand, Democrats should understand that this won’t happen by itself. It will take work.

    On the other hand, Republicans are certain to employ their favorite losing strategies like insulting anyone who doesn’t vote for them, putting their fingers in their ears and yelling “na-na-na-na-na-na” and insisting that 2+2=5. So yeah, it could happen.

    Side note: why are people afraid of commenting under your own name?

  • mynameisbill

    Maybe, those users’ names who you’re referring to, are in fact, those users real names. Gwenyth Paltrow named her youngin’ after a fruit(Apple) and i’ve had numerous friends who’s parents named them after cars. So, just maybe Everlasting Phelps and Avid Reader are those posters real names. Have you ever, I mean ever, thought of that?!?!?
    We can’t all be named something cool and traditional like Steve, can we? Oh yeah, democrats/republicans rabble rabble rabble. In the immortal words of the late Rodney King, “can’t we all just get along?”……

  • Avid Reader

    “insulting anyone who doesn’t vote for them”
    Um…..”putting their fingers in their ears and yelling “na-na-na-na-na­-na” and insisting that 2+2=5″
    Chalk another one up for the famous democrat tolerance.

    Side thought: I like monikers better than actual names since they can give you a little insight into the poster.