Someone Has Been Riding Around on a Bicycle, Slapping Anti-Obama Stickers on Cars in Oak Cliff

Source: Facebook

I live in Oak Cliff. I like living in Oak Cliff. This is something I dislike about Oak Cliff.

From a post on an Oak Cliff-based Facebook page:

A dude on a red bike, glasses, black leather jacket is pedaling around Winnetka Heights vandalizing people’s cars with these bumper stickers. Might wanna go check your cars.

If I didn’t hate this dude so much, I’d admire his gumption. A leather jacket on a bicycle is tough to pull off.


  • Avid Reader

    I’d take a non-destructive lame pro-Obama sticker anyday over the key-ing my car got destroying my Romney sticker and across the entire side panel and both doors. Tolerance abounds on both sides.

  • Glenn Hunter

    That bumper sticker is actually sort of funny.

  • Kk.

    We only sneak Obama stickers onto our friends and familys cars and we always but them where they don’t cause damage. Obama bobble heads in the back window are fun too, so that they see ’em in the rear view as they’re driving along. Last Xmas we had Obama Xmas tree ornaments, fun to sneak onto family’s trees.

  • Gern

    Why not sneak some rainbow stickers on the cars….Oh wait! We are in the OC….Nevermind…

  • critic

    This is likely the first stage of anarchy in the streets.
    Remewmber 50 million don’t like the current president and did not vote for him.