Rick Perry Could Have Beaten Barack Obama

Source: Cain and Todd Benson

At least that’s what Slate has to say. Their argument hinges on immigration, and the Latino vote:

Part of that is the Latino vote. Not only did Perry have a somewhat more moderate stance on immigration than Mitt Romney, he had it for the politically savvy reason that Romney’s view was heartless. In Perry’s eyes, Latinos–even immigrant Latinos and even undocumented immigrant Latinos–are human beings whose welfare is worthy of consideration. Not coincidentally, the Texas GOP has a much healthier relationship with its state’s Hispanic population than you see in the Arizona GOP. Romney went the Arizona route to his detriment.

If you want to sell a conservative policy agenda, Texas really is a smart place to point to show it in action. Texas has exactly the problem you’d think a very conservative state would have–a stingy safety net, meaning low living standards for poor Texans. But in exchange it really does have very rapid employment and population growth. Texas’ public school funding is very stingy, but its students results are somewhat above average–a great example of how efficiency matters to public service delivery. The basic infrastructure in Texas is solid. Texas even includes every liberal’s favorite city, Austin. Agglomerate a bunch of liberals in Texas together in one town, but still subject to the same Texas public policies, and liberals like the results. Its a good message.

So does that mean that Chuck Norris would have to settle for vice-president?

And what’s going on in the photo for this post?


  • mynameisbill

    I think we just entered one of Rick Perry’s lucid dream sequences when I look at that photo or the album cover for a new Slayer album. And Chuck Norris doesn’t take a side role for anybody, so vice prez is out of the question!

  • God

    Rick Perry don’t even know the different branches of government

  • Bob

    Oh, yes he does. There’s the executory, heh, heh, and the legislords, and, uh, uh . . . oops.

  • D. Shapiro

    I don’t think I could have voted for him. Even though the alternative will cost me money over the next 4 years.

  • Steve Zimmerman

    If only he had a different mouth, with different words coming out of it. Oh and a different record, and if the least successful president ever wasn’t from his state. Etc., ad infinitum.

    • duboiousbrother

      Nice talk about LBJ but I think Carter (Georgia) and Obama (Hawaii?) are ahead of him on the least successful list although you may have a point with the destruction of the black family and the escalation of the Viet Nam War.

  • Charles Jensen

    If you listen to the Monday morning GOP quarterback club, most any ole Republican candidate could have beaten Obama, except one….Romney. Kind of makes you wonder why they nominated him? Kind of makes you question their judgment.

  • Avid Reader

    President Obama’s ground team smoked the GOP’s in the swing states and would have regardless of who was running against him. The “monday morning quarterbacking” about the candidate is nothing new and happens in every single presidential election on the losing side whether Republican or Democrat.

  • Coriolana Magna

    Bwaahahahahahaa. is this a new skit for SNL?

  • Pete Wagner

    The outcome was orchestrated so who cares.

  • Lin Lofley

    A guy from Colorado called. He wants to buy some of what that artist is smokin’.