PollWatch 2012: The Calm Before OH MY GOD JUST LET IT BE OVER JESUS

As the country prepares for four more years of socialist, Constitution-burning hedonism (or four years of economic prosperity, beautiful haircuts, and good ol’ American values) your friendly FrontBurner contributors are planning our own Election Day coverage. (Join us at the Granada, won’t you?)

I’ll be driving around the county, spending the day being all folksy and chatting up voters, while other contributors will check in with their polling station reports. We’re calling it “PollWatch 2012,” because we just remembered this morning that we should come up with a name for it, and Wick liked this one.

Anyway, if you have a suggestion of a precinct/ municipality/ American-made business I should stop by tomorrow, leave it in the comments. And follow me on Twitter all day tomorrow for witty comments probably already made somewhere else by a professional.


  • mcgaritydotme

    Obviously take a swing by 7-Eleven and count how many coffee cups they have left for each particular candidate.